Winter’s Last Stand

After waking a couple hours before sunrise I decided to venture out even with temps well below zero. Came away pretty pleased with a few of these images as I looked for unique compositions in the snow. Have a feeling in a couple more weeks it will all be gone and I’ll be yearning for spring colors and new adventures beyond my hometown:)

Winter In BNW

Winter scenes and snow just seem to lend themselves to black and white. I can’t help but to keep trying different compositions around! Taking full advantage when we have recent snowfall but at the same time looking forward to those spring colors and fingertips that aren’t frozen after 5 minutes lol.

Winter Light

The sun doesn’t seem to make too many appearances in rural Ohio this time of year so when it does I try to take full advantage! All images take in local parks surrounding Lima.

HDR style image of the sun shining through the trees.
I liked the way the light touched these trees.
Rural farm sunflare
Long shadows through the snow, edited to black and white.
Sun setting through this old farm in Lima